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"The Mission is A Good Place"

When people who have been through terrible times come through our doors, I know they are entering a place of safety and a new beginning. Often, they feel life is out of control. Tragedy and difficult circumstances have plagued their every step.    Your can give them safe shelter, stability, and the tools to start again.

Your gift today of $40 can help Dave And Others Start Again

Recently, Dave came to Northlands Rescue Mission needing shelter while he gets help for housing, doctor’s appointments, and other services in Grand Forks.


“The Mission is a good place to get your feet underneath you so that you have a place to go and have a chance.”


“It’s better than being out on the street and trying to do it yourself.”


“If you have a problem, they’re always there to help,” Dave shares.

Where do you go when you need to get to help with housing and other services, but you have trouble finding a place to live?  


You come to Northlands Rescue Mission.  

Dave had experienced difficult circumstances and tragic loss before he came through our doors.  His story is similar to so many of those who seek help here.


Originally from Alberta, Canada, Dave moved to the US  with his wife when her job transferred her to an office in Texas. They lived there together for eight years.


Then, Dave experienced several life-altering events. He broke his back in three places in a work accident, he and his wife separated, and his mother passed away. He was later diagnosed with cancer.


Today, your generosity gives Dave a stable place to live while he works with our staff and other agencies to find housing, and visits the hospital to get medical treatment.

“I had some of my paperwork completed within an hour and a half of getting here. I am getting help with Social Security disability too,” Dave says.


Everyday Dave and others need help to overcome the obstacles life has thrown their way. They are motivated to change but need a safe place to start.

Please help others who come through the doors of the Mission seeking to change their lives. Your donation of $40 can provide just what they need to begin making that change.


We’re not just a safe place for clients to spend the night; we provide stability and hope when so much in their lives seems out of control.  


Because of you, Dave, and so many like him can face challenging times with hope and the tools to start again.