“One of these days when I get out on my own I will never ever look down on a homeless person like I used to.”

It’s been about a year since Sharon found Northlands Rescue Mission. “I was down and out, totally lost,” she says. Sharon is a long way from her home in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas. She has no family here. “It’s just me,” says Sharon.

Sharon came to the Mission when she was entangled in an abusive relationship. “Before I came here, I couldn’t say ‘no’ to a lot of things.”

At 35, Sharon needed help to make a fresh start. That’s where Northlands Rescue Mission comes in, offering new beginnings to men and women who are homeless and desperately needing to find hope.

“Until you’ve been in a homeless shelter or in a homeless person’s place, you don’t know what they go through.”

“Now, I am learning to stand up for myself. The Mission gets all the thanks. I used to not be that strong. They are preparing me to leave here – back into the real world,” she says. “They tell it like it is. I know it’s not going to be easy for me, at least at first.”

Northlands Rescue Mission is faith-based, sharing God’s Word with all who come through the doors, and provide the opportunity to allow Him to transform their lives. “I gave my life to God now, because without God I wouldn’t be alive today,” she says.

You can give hundreds of men and women, like Sharon, a chance at a new beginning. “Your donation goes to put clothes on our bodies, food in our bodies, a place for us to take a shower, a place to be safe,” says Sharon.

P.S. Your gift of just $33 provides one day of hope for a person who needs life’s basic necessities that we most often take for granted.

*Out of confidentiality and respect, Sharon’s real name was not used.