His pride kept him out in the cold

Arthur, a handyman by trade, has been at the Mission this summer. Before that, he lived on the streets for almost six months. He was working full time when he became homeless, he just wasn’t making enough money to stay in his apartment.

Our staff is helping Arthur look for full-time work again. He is hopeful that he’ll be living on his own again soon.

Your gift of $40 or more will help Arthur get on his feet, find permanent housing and give him the support he needs to regain his independence. 

When asked what surprised him the most about the Mission, Arthur says, “The different people that are here. The reasons. There’s a lot of different reasons. Some of it is alcohol and some of it’s not. Some of it’s just out of a job and circumstances.”

Arthur’s story, unfortunately, is not unique. Men and women come to us every week as the result of situations like his. We are here to help them start again.  

This is only possible because your generosity enables our team to help each person develop the unique plan that works for them.  Every day they are able to work the steps they have decided with the help and encouragement of our social workers.

You give people like Arthur, a loyal employee of 33 years before losing his job, a warm place to sleep at night while they try to figure out what’s next.  Men and women will be able to work with our case managers who will help them connect with community services, find steady work, and obtain safe housing.

Arthur says that it was only his pride that kept him out in the cold until mid-January. “It’s just a lot of blankets and a makeshift tent. That’s what it takes to get some sleep.”

When he finally decided to come to the Mission, he was warmly welcomed and found that it was a much more pleasant experience than he’d imagined it would be.

The men and women who come through our doors are not so different from you and me. They want stability, a place of their own to call home, and a safe place to rest at night while they figure things out.

As Arthur says, “You have to start here.”  

Your gift of $40 or more today will help Artur and others get the guidance they need as they work toward a better life.