“The Mission Helps you get back on your feet.”

Mike came to the Mission recently after tragedy struck his family. Like so many people who face grief, it turned his life upside down. 

The last few years for Mike have been filled with things no one wants to experience. He has suffered profound loss. But today, he is not alone.  

Our staff is listening and encouraging him. He knows that a new life is not that far away. 

Your gift of $40 or more will help Mike get on his feet and find permanent housing.

We have seen it before.  Men and women have come through our doors hurting and almost out of hope. They do incredibly intense and hard work. 

They find stability, housing, and reclaim their lives.  

All this is only possible because your generosity gives our team the ability to help each person develop a plan that works for them.  

We tell them, “Work the plan, and the plan will work for you.” 

Now unemployed and facing health issues, Mike is starting over again.  Our team is listening to his challenges, helping him form positive solutions, and do the work to get his life back on track.  

As Mike says, “The Mission Helps you get back on your feet.”

We listen when things get difficult and encourage each person to keep working their plan to find housing and employment. Together, we work through the issues that are stopping them from getting back on their feet.  

The men and women who come through our doors are just like you and me. They want stability, friendship, a safe place to heal from some of the blows life has dealt them.

Mike says it best, “No one wants to stay here forever.”  

Your gift of $40 or more today will help Mike and others get the guidance they need as they “Transform their lives.”