This page is filled with testimonies of hope. Volunteers and supporters sharing the hope they’ve found by being generous with their time and treasures.

Men and women who were once homeless, experience hope inside our doors. For them, hope comes in many forms — a safe, warm bed, plenty of wholesome food, access to medical care and other important resources — then they come in contact with people who love, accept and care for them, regardless of their pasts. Be encouraged by their stories.

Testimonies of Hope

Ann regularly holds drives for urgently needed items at the Mission by collecting from her church and from concerned friends, and by purchasing needed items herself in bulk. She takes the time to carefully sort through the gifts she collects to ensure their quality, discarding worn clothing and outdated or partially-used products. “If it’s not something I would accept, I’m certainly not going to give it to someone else.”


“Some of these guys are unable to work. Others need a temporary place to stay. These are good people, out there just trying to find a way” — Mike volunteers regularly with his Bible study group.

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“Every human deserves a warm meal, a safe place to sleep, and access to programs and services that assist them in becoming the person they strive and deserve to be. That’s why I support Northlands Rescue Mission.” — Mary, financial supporter and volunteer board member

Mary Fox


“I really enjoyed volunteering at the Mission. It felt so great to help and the staff were easy to work with. I heard a lot of stories from residents about their lives, work, family, there are great people there. I am so happy that as an individual I can feel like I am making a difference. The Mission is a blessing and I am thankful that it is here to help those in need.”


Share your story

Read their stories and share your own! If the Mission has touched your life as a guest, volunteer, donor or simply a concerned citizen, we’d love to hear from you. Your words may encourage others to find hope at the Mission as well.

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