Prayer has power!

1-IMG_0027-001As a Bible-based ministry, prayer is the foundation of everything we do. It drives our every decision . . . it guides our programs and services . . . it opens the hearts of our hurting guests . . . and it readies our spirits to be examples of Christ’s love in our every thought, word and deed.

As your heart feels called to do so, please join us in daily prayer for the hope of Christ to break the barriers our guests currently struggle with — disability, loss, abuse, grief, substance abuse, despair and a multitude of critical issues. We’re so grateful for your compassion and partnership.

Mission Prayer Needs

Pray for those alone and struggling, frightened about what their future holds. For courage to walk through our door and humility to accept the help they desperately need to get back on their feet.


Monthly prayer requests and needs…

  • A hand up, not a handout. Pray that the help they receive would empower them to address the situation that led them to the Mission, and take steps towards independence and healthy living.
  • A weathered face walked into the Mission today with no place to turn. Her addiction to alcohol had soured her relationship with her family and slowly eaten away her independence until she was homeless. Now that she’s resolved to fight it, pray that she would break free of the bonds of her addiction and experience the life-transforming work of Jesus.
  • Paul, one of the early followers of Jesus, also knew what it was like to be homeless, hungry and regarded as the bottom of society. “We are dressed in rags. We are being treated badly. We have no homes. . . Up to this moment we have become the world’s garbage. We are everybody’s trash.” (1 Cor 4:11, 13) Pray that our clients would turn to God with their troubles, like Paul did.
  • Pray for reliable transportation to work. We’ve heard from many of our clients that the city bus just doesn’t reach their job sites, and they’d have to work all day just to afford the trip in a cab. Pray for new opportunities for rides, and for volunteers to be interested in serving by providing transportation.
  • The Bible tells us that God has a special interest in helping those in hardship: “He raises poor people up from the trash pile. He lifts needy people out of the ashes.” Psalm 113:7 Pray that our staff and volunteers would show that same concern, to express God’s love for the oppressed.
  • Pray that the Mission can provide a doorway to hope, freedom and fullness of life for addicted, broken and homeless men and women in our community.

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How Can We Pray For You?

You are important to God and to us!
Whatever you are concerned about and need prayer for — we want to be here for you.

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