Featuring: Dave Boyer

Thursday, Nov 2nd

Silent Auction @ 5:30pm

Main Program @ 7:00pm

In his early years as a performer, Dave Boyer shared the stage with Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis. Living the show biz lifestyle, he soon formed a dependence on drugs and alcohol, devastating his marriage and his career.

In 1965, Dave’s wife June left him. One year later, his father passed away. Dave found himself in a dark place. As he made his way to the place where he planned to end it all, he passed a small church and the thought entered his mind to call his brother, a pastor. They prayed together for hours, and Dave gave his life to Christ. Not long after, June and their daughter returned to Dave to begin building a Christ-centered life together.

Since 1966, Dave Boyer has been bringing the word of God to hundreds of thousands of people in all corners of the country. Dave carries with him a message of joy to the people of the church and world. His message is simple: You are not alone in your day to day struggles, God is always with you.